It seems these days, the push to be vaccinated is everywhere, for children, for pets, for seniors, for everyone. But most people, including most doctors and nurses, have no idea what’s actually in a vaccine. And pharmaceutical companies like it that way…

One common vaccine ingredient is the known neurotoxin Aluminum. It’s a metal, that has no purpose in the human body, and is added to most vaccines to help stimulate an immune response to the disease component in the vaccine (i.e. the virus or bacteria). Because vaccines are injected, they bypass the body’s natural immune reaction pathway, and therefore must include an additive that is known to be toxic to stimulate an antibody response.

Aluminum in vaccines is linked to food allergies…

Of course, this can create problems, including a chain reaction of autoimmune traumas that create the basis for the common autoimmune health disorders and illnesses we now see in skyrocketing numbers. Because aluminum is such a powerful toxin, it actually causes the body to have an autoimmune reaction to all components within the needle, including to the animal and food-based proteins in the vaccines, which includes dairy, yeast, latex, soy, and nut. This sets the stage for food allergies, including and also to any fragments of the person’s skin, muscle, and blood that may have entered from damage by the needle.

Aluminum has been linked to autoimmune issues…

Thus it has a harmful effect on the central nervous system and can activate an immune response. This is thought to be a factor in the epidemic of autoimmune issues, such as asthma, allergies, eczema and more. Aluminum in vaccines is also thought to be a factor in neurological problems because it accumulates in the brain over time.

Ever wonder about the huge rise in Alzheimer’s and dementia-related conditions, especially as early-onset cases skyrocket? They are neurological conditions linked to environmental toxins in our environment — aka a load of chemicals, we subject ourselves to every day. Synthetic chemicals that are in our food, our body care products, our water, our air…and our vaccines.

Aluminum has been proven to cause brain damage…

Aluminum is the main toxic additive put into vaccines to elicit an immune response. It’s been shown to cause brain damage in animal studies, in even tiny doses, and it accumulates in our brains so further chemical exposure does even MORE damage. A recent Daily Mail article published by Professor Chris Exley reveals that aluminum in jabs may cause sufferers to have TEN TIMES more of the metal in their brain compared to those who opted out.

“The metal accumulates in cells that maintain a constant internal environment and autism sufferers may have genetic changes that cause them to hold aluminum”, according to world reknowned expert in aluminum, Prof. Christopher Exley from Keele University (UK).”

Aluminum is also linked to breast cancer, neurological issues, autoimmune issues like lupus and IBS, sudden infant death and autism and more.

Every time we are vaccinated, our health is damaged to some degree, whether or not it is noticeable right away. Because vaccines are injected into muscle tissue, the aluminum takes days to weeks to leach out into the circulatory system and accumulate in amounts high enough to cause inflammation and the resulting issues (neurological damage, autoimmune issues, etc).

How this damage manifests depends on a combination of previous toxic load in the body and a person’s genetic vulnerabilities. Common chronic issues include memory issues, Alzheimer’s, autism, speech delays, lupus, IBD, autoimmune issues, allergies, skin issues like eczema, cancer…or even organ failure and sudden death.

Injection vs Ingestion…is there a difference?

Injected aluminum = around 95% absorbed into body tissues
Ingested aluminum = around 95%  excreted through the body’s detox pathway

We all can handle different levels of synthetic chemicals  — determined by our genetics — before inflammation takes hold and cause a health issue, most often chronic. You NEVER know when you will be pushed past the tipping point of what your body can handle and develop a neurological or autoimmune issue, cancer, heart disease or even death.

All exposure adds to the toxic mix, but when it’s injected, the aluminum bypasses the body’s natural detox pathway. Around 95% of injected toxins, including aluminum, pass from muscle tissue and go straight into the circulatory system (aka bloodstream). From there, the aluminum and other toxins can reach vital organs like the brain, heart, kidney, liver, and others. One study shows that most aluminum remains in the body for months, possibly years, after the injection. This can cause chronic health issues as the toxins raise inflammation levels in the body.

When aluminum is ingested (via food, water or air), only about 5% is absorbed into the body, whereas most if filtered through the body’s natural detox pathway. So the toxic chemicals in vaccines are FAR MORE POTENT than those that come into the body in other ways. The toxic ingredients in vaccines include aluminum, but also mercury, barium, monosodium glutamate (MSG) formaldehyde (known to cause cancer in humans).

More info

More than a thousand scientific studies show the chronic health issues that arise from vaccinations, including neurological issues, autoimmune issues, inflammatory diseases, even death. Click here to see these studies.

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Dr. Chris Shaw, a Professor of Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia, explains how aluminum in vaccines is far more dangerous than ingested aluminum and how vaccines can cause brain damage

GROUNDBREAKING STUDY: Professor Christopher Exeley, Professor at Keele University (UK) and a world-leading expert on aluminum, has found elevated aluminum levels in those with autism

“The aluminum content of brain tissue in autism was consistently high.”

Christopher Exeley calls out the pharmaceutical industry for hiding dangers

“The advent of the aluminum age and the consequence of the omnipresence of aluminum, not only in the environment but also throughout the human body, is that we are all subject to chronic aluminum intoxication. Every minute of each day we expend energy coping with the presence of biologically reactive aluminum in our bodies. The higher the body burden of aluminum the more likely that this coping mechanism will manifest itself as disease.

In the brain, aluminum will contribute toward neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. There is now a clear requirement for therapy or treatment, which could lower the body burden of aluminum, and particularly the aluminum content of the brain.”

Click here to read the full article

A must-watch video on how aluminum remains embedded in the muscle tissue after vaccinees


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Aluminum is a KNOWN neurotoxin and it is in vaccines. It has no place in the human body and when it’s injected, it CANNOT be filtered out via our natural detox process. It goes straight to the brain. Side effects include autism, Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, developmental delays, epilepsy and more.

Vaccine insert for pneumococcal showing 500 mg of aluminum