I get a lot of heat for speaking out against vaccines, so I was inspired to write a post to explain why I do what I do.

Let’s pretend for a minute…

What if you were offered three jobs and chose the company you did because they seemed ethical…What if you researched their river blindness volunteer program before you committed…What if you then spent two months of your life away from family and friends with 40 others spending, 10 hours a day being told how great something is…What if you really believed, at 25 years old, you thought you were actually helping people who were in pain…What if you then won sales awards because you got doctors to help more people with arthritis…what if you then told your grandmother — the most important person in your life — to ask her doctor to switch her to ‘your’ product and she DID…what if then everything started to unravel before your eyes…what if you then realized EVERYTHING you were told and then TOLD OTHERS was a LIE…what if really shady things started to happen…what if you heard things on the inside that were being hidden from those on the outside…what if you then realized you were a part of an industry selling a drug that had, in fact, unnecessarily killed people…what if you then wondered not if but how much blood you have on your hands…what if you then realized your grandmother who raised you was on that drug…what if you got a little pissed off about all that…and what if you realized once you know the truth, you could NEVER go back.

What would you do nine years later when you saw that those SAME doctors were pushing other drugs that are harming people, this time without even giving them the product insert that proves it…and these doctors are lying by claiming the drugs are safe when studies clearly show otherwise… and because you know the drug companies sponsored ALL of these studies and they taught you how to read them so you know what a real safety study looks like, you feel compelled to speak out…especially because this time those drugs are hurting KIDS…you see it all around you with record number of childhood illness and disorders…AND now they want your child too! And then you realize…it’s the SAME company.

People ask me all the time why I am in this fight…I always answer: how could I NOT be in this fight?!! Don’t be fooled by those that claim I am in this for money or fame. I don’t take a salary, I make absolutely NO money related to this movement. I am extremely blessed to say I have alternative resources for now, although tens of thousands of my own money have gone to this fight and I can’t keep that up. But it does allow me to honestly say that EVERY cent of EVERY donation goes directly to this cause.

As for the fame…anyone who says I’m in this for fame clearly has no idea WHO they are talking about. I was (mostly) raised by a staunchly conservative, Presbyterian, extremely private and amazingly strong woman. The kind of woman who had the means and love for travel, but rarely did because of her strong work ethic and professionalism.

She was high up in the administration for a major university for 40 years. She divorced my alcoholic grandfather back in the 50s when that was frowned upon and raised my mother on her own. She taught me strength, she taught me integrity, she taught me professionalism and she taught me to be a very private person. Luckily, one lesson didn’t stick: obey authority. I was and still am the type that, when told what to do, I don’t say ‘ok’, I ask ‘why?’

I was told many times in my life that I should be in Hollywood, that I should be an actress. But I would laugh and say: “There is no way I would ever want to be famous.” I don’t want to live a life under a microscope. I don’t want to always feel like I’m being watched. I don’t want to be followed or for anyone outside my immediate circle to even know my name. These are just a few of the reasons I did NOT want to get involved with the vaccine issue publicly.

To me, fame makes no difference. I don’t care if you’re Brad Pitt or the stocker at Trader Joes — the most important thing is your character and your heart. To me, the most powerful people in this world are the ones who live in truth, integrity and with compassion — honoring their own truth and that of the world.

I knew my story was powerful, but like many others, I wanted to stay behind the scenes and lead by example. The spotlight is not something I crave or even welcome. With it comes that feeling of having to look over your shoulder every day. It comes with many personal attacks, even from people you know. I’ve being called a murderer, told that I should be in jail, burned at the stake, that my child will kill other children on the playground, that he should be taken away from me. All because I want to save other children from a lifetime of suffering — from autoimmune issues, from ear infections, from allergies, from asthma, from developmental disabilities, from ADHD, from heavy-metal induced brain damage, from leukemia, from diabetes,— from death.

Plus, I’m tired of all the lies. The chemical additives in vaccines have absolutely no place in the human body and are causing irreparable damage. And we are being lied to for profit— vaccines are NOT safe. There are too many, too soon and this entire generation of children is suffering because of it. People have the RIGHT to know the risks before they do something that may change their lives forever — or the life of their innocent, healthy child.

In February 2015, I learned about SB277 in my home state of California, and I knew the real reason behind it — PROFIT. And not just any profit — profit being made at the expense of our children’s health. The pharmaceutical drug market is saturated and full of liability, while the vaccine market is the exact opposite.

And that SAME company that I worked for, has to make up for the $6 BILLION it had to pay out for the drug that I sold, the drug they got me to believe in — that one that killed people. A lot of people.

Before I made the decision to get involved, I cried for a week because I instinctively knew that life as I knew it — which was easy and relatively carefree— was over. I would very quickly fall onto the radar of those who would never allow my life to be easy again.

But it was time to speak up. And I will not STOP speaking up.

Everything I have gone through in my life has been in preparation for this moment. This is why I am who I am. All the pieces of puzzle are coming together. This is why I am here in this world. This is my calling, my purpose. In fact, I often feel like this work is being done through me, not actually by me. I feel like I am floating in a river just going with the current — I don’t even have to swim and I’m fully in the flow.

Of course, it’s not all that fun, I speak about some pretty deep and dark stuff, and there are many, many long and stressful days. I’ve been yelled at by so-called friends at parties and even lost many of them. But they were never true friends, because those are the ones who will stand by you and listen to you, even if they aren’t ready to hear the truth. I’m under constant attack from the other side, and sometimes even from those who claim to be on our side.

That said, I honored to be a part of such a passionate, eloquent, educated and fierce movement of parents who will protect their children no matter what — unfortunately because most often, they have seen the devastating effects of vaccine toxicity firsthand.

But I also get stories from those whose children have been injured — or, in the worst cases, died as a result of vaccines. These stories keep me going through the challenging times. Most of all, I just have to keep the faith and remember that everything is unfolding as it needs to right now. And I’m a true believer in KARMA ?

The truth WILL come out. It’s only a matter of time…

We are part of a spiritual revolution where courage will conquer fear. Where compassionate will

conquer hate. Where integrity will conquer greed. Where health will conquer illness. Where honesty will conquer their lies. And where love will conquer it all.

I chose courage. I chose compassion. I chose integrity. I chose health. I chose honesty. And most of all, I chose love.

Please join me