CDC Director Julie Gerberding Admits Vaccines Can Cause Autism-Like Symptoms

Julie admits that vaccines can cause fevers in children. She then points out that if you are predisposed with certain mitochondrial disorders, it can certainly set off some damage and some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.

To put it simply, vaccines can lead to autism!

Don’t believe us? Check out this entire page revealing the link between vaccines and autism:

Pharma Drugs and Vaccines Given to U.S. Children are Made With Chinese Ingredients

Did you know that most pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are made from ingredients sourced in China and India — two places where the FDA has very little regulation?

It’s becoming increasingly hard to find relevant information on this because pharmaceutical companies hide this as much as possible. But here is an interesting article that everyone who takes pharmaceutical products should read NOW.

China is known for its widespread contamination of toxins in many materials and pharmaceuticals are NO exception.

The recent discovery that high-blood pressure meds contain cancer-causing chemicals is not really surprising given that most components are sourced from toxic factories in China. And do you think the Pharma industry cares? They make much more $$ when you get CANCER.

Is this all an accident?

Important quotes from the article:

? “A Department of Commerce study that found that 97 percent of all antibiotics in the United States came from China.”

? “About 80 percent of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used to make drugs in the United States are said to come from China and other countries like India.”

? “Concern about the safety and efficacy of Chinese-made pharmaceuticals is another component. In the summer of 2018, one of China’s largest domestic vaccine makers sold at least 250,000 substandard doses of vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough. It was the latest in a slew of scandals caused by poor quality drug products made in China over the last decade.”

? “In 2008, the contamination of a raw ingredient imported from China and used to make heparin, a blood-thinning drug, was associated with at least eighty-one deaths in the United States.”

? “According to an investigative journalist, fraud and manipulation of quality data are still endemic in Chinese pharmaceutical firms.”

You trust your doctor. He trusts the pharmaceutical company.

But do you? They only make $$ when you’re sick, not healthy. With so little FDA regulation these days, why do they care if they sell you contaminated drugs and vaccines?

You are the ONLY one who cares about your health. Be your own health advocate!! Nobody else will be.

Research and try all-natural methods FIRST!