Vaccines causing cancer in cats…but not children?

A recent study published by the Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica found cancer in cats can be caused by the aluminum in vaccines…

“Feline injection-site sarcomas (FISS) are malignant skin tumours of mesenchymal origin that develop in 1–10 of every 10,000 vaccinated cats. The most accepted hypothesis is that a local post-vaccination (or injection) inflammatory process leads to neoplastic transformation. This hypothesis is supported by histological findings of a central area of necrosis and the presence of inflammatory cells, including multinucleated giant cells, which have phagocytized a greyish-blue material consistent with the aluminium-based vaccine adjuvant in some cases.”

At a rate of 1 in every 1,000 cats! And now 1 in every 286 kids will get cancer by 20…no coincidence?!!

Click here to see the full study.

Can You Be Pro-Life & Pro-Vaccine?

Scientists admit aborted babies are used in creating vaccines, including those bought from Planned Parenthood. These aborted fetal cells are still in the needle when vaccines are given and go into the body of those vaccinated.

Many experts claim that we are mutating our own DNA when we inject foreign DNA and cells — not a good thing. Just one of the potential forms of harm done by vaccines.

So what do you think? Can one be pro-life and pro-vaccine at the same time?

And on the flip side, can you be pro-choice but pro mandatory vaccines? Choice over your body is a choice for everything, vaccines included.

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