BIG NEWS: New Billboard in San Francisco

New billboard goes up in San Francisco area emphasizing how much money has been paid out to those who have been injured or killed by vaccines

Last week, a billboard went up in San Francisco highlighting the substantial amount of money that has been paid out to families of children who have suffered serious side effects and/or death as a result of routine childhood vaccinations.

The billboard is on a large road full of traffic just south of San Francisco — seen by commuters to Silicon Valley.

The San Francisco billboard will be seen by almost 10,000 people per DAY.

Since 1988, over 20,808 petitions have been filed with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) for compensation of vaccine damage (1).  Total compensation paid to victims of vaccine side effects, including death, now totals almost $4 billion.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The Health & Human Services (HHS) branch of the US Government has received more than 600,000 reports of side effects and adverse health events after vaccinations according to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) (2).

These adverse events include autoimmune diseases, respiratory failure, ovarian failure, brain damage, seizures, MS, arthritis and even sudden death, as listed on vaccine product inserts and as shown in scientific reports published in leading medical journals (3). Most of the reports to VAERS are made by healthcare professionals.

While these are huge numbers, the reality could be much worse, according to a Harvard study published in 2010 on the reporting system for vaccine adverse events. The Harvard study states that fewer than 1% of all vaccine reactions are reported (4). It also estimates that fewer than 20% of medical professionals even know the reporting system exists. So real adverse reaction numbers are far, far higher than shown in the report.

How many people have had a new adverse health event without even linking it to a recent vaccination?

Given the 1% estimate cited in the Harvard report, vaccine-related deaths could be closer to 700,000, while serious side effects would be in the MILLIONS. Yet many parents are not told about the side effects of vaccines until it’s too late.

Many of the deaths occur in children under one-year-old after receiving one or more of the 35 childhood vaccines on the U.S. schedule given to infants. Most deaths are labeled SIDS, which is purely a label for deaths with an unknown reason. Almost 25,000 U.S. children die in the U.S. before their first birthday, with most deaths being labeled as unknown cause or SIDS (5).

The new billboard in San Francisco is an important educational tool to balance a heated conversation. Parents deserve all the information on vaccines so they can make an educated decision for their children, especially when the vaccine schedule has quadrupled in the last 30 years to include many vaccines not recommended in other developed countries.

Thousands of peer-reviewed, published scientific studies now show a link between the numerous chronic illnesses reported in children and vaccinations. (See some of these studies here.)

As with all pharmaceutical products, vaccines have very real risks and side effects. This billboard will reach hundreds of thousands of people, hopefully inspiring parents to do the important research necessary on vaccines.


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