Study Confirms: Virus in MMR Caused Devastating Brain Damage & Killed Five-Year-Old

A child who developed severe neurological symptoms including blindness associated with chronic encephalitis and died following MMR vaccination was found to have vaccine-derived mumps virus in his brain, a new study reports.

Published in the current issue of the journal, Acta Neuropathologica, the study is the first of its kind to conclusively demonstrate chronic brain damage in the form of “panencephalitis” due to a vaccine-derived strain of the mumps virus. In light of a recent epidemic of mumps in highly vaccinated populations, the research raises questions about the dangers of live vaccine virus mutations and about public health claims that the MMR is a completely safe and effective vaccine without serious side effects.


The study describes an 18-month old infant who was diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease (SCID) — a serious immune system defect that may follow infection — four months after he received the triple Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine that contains live viruses.

The baby was treated for the illness but six months later became ill again with fever, rash, diarrhea, lethargy, and seizures. MRI scans of his brain showed evidence of encephalitis — brain inflammation due to infection.

The toddler was treated with antimicrobials, antivirals, and steroids and sent home on anticonvulsant drugs.  Over the next few months, behavioral problems became obvious, his hearing was impaired and his speech and language were delayed. A year later, by then four years old, he was still suffering from seizures and he became increasingly lethargic, disoriented and agitated. His walking was increasingly uncoordinated and he began to lose his eyesight.

A repeat MRI scan of the boy’s brain revealed abnormalities and a brain biopsy was taken at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London. It revealed neuronal death and evidence of central nervous system damage and chronic inflammation. Despite aggressive treatment, his seizures increased, he became weak on his left side, went blind and the five-year-old died seven weeks later.


Spinal fluid and urine samples collected during the boy’s last hospitalization, as well as RNA re-extracted from his brain biopsy, were sent to the Public Health England Virus Reference Laboratory for sequencing.

Researchers, led by Sofia Morfopoulou of the Division of Infection and Immunity, University College London, and at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, used deep sequencing technology to identify the MuV –JL5 vaccine virus strain in the boy’s brain biopsy which was negative for all other viruses.

Genetic Drift and Outbreaks

Mutations in the mumps vaccine virus from that in the batch of the vaccine the boy had received were also detected. The study refers to a 2015 study confirming “genetic instability” of mumps vaccine virus that leads to “genetic drift” between different vaccine batches and may explain why some mumps vaccines induce more serious adverse reactions than others, especially when they are grown on different media.

This science may also explain why the mumps vaccine is failing. A recent outbreak among more than 1,600 mostly vaccinated people in Arkansas has public health officers there admitting that the vaccine isn’t protecting against emerging new strains of the virus.

It’s part of a growing phenomenon that scientists are reporting in many vaccines called “seroconversion” – when vaccines diminish the strain of a virus they are targeting, but another strain of the same virus blooms — just as antibiotics wipe out bacterial infections but leave antibiotic-resistant superbugs to thrive.

One study in chickens found that vaccination against one disease virus “enhances the fitness of more virulent strains”, making it possible for superbug strains to develop and be transmitted to other chickens, creating “conditions that promote the emergence of pathogen strains that cause more severe disease in unvaccinated hosts”.

A 2015 study of humans in the journal Microbiome, found that the nasal flu vaccine did the same thing. The researchers concluded that the vaccine activates the immune system in a way “may foster the disproportionate emergence of potentially pathogenic species such as S. aureus”– a bug associated with ear infections and serious neuropsychiatric disorders like PANDAS.

Sero-replacement is a recognized snag for numerous vaccines. A 2017 study tries to quantify the problem with a pneumococcal vaccine. It’s a documented difficulty with a rotavirus vaccine.  And it’s a long-documented problem with the polio vaccine. This 2016 study, for example, acknowledges that live attenuated oral poliomyelitis vaccine strains are “genetically unstable”, and their circulation (unavoidable when people defecate the vaccine virus which can hang around for decades), “can lead to the emergence of pathogenic circulating vaccine-derived polioviruses”. It turns out, the vaccine virus mutates and recombines with other circulating strains and produces something even more “neurovirulent”.

That is why the World Health Organisation is losing its battle with polio in India. More children are paralyzed and die there now that would ever be harmed by wild polio because they are afflicted with a new “acute flaccid paralysis” — polio they won’t call polio because it’s made in their laboratories. It’s also strikingly similar to the polio-like “mystery illness” paralyzing children in America.


The British researchers in the current study compare this mumps encephalitis case to documented measles encephalitis and suggest a “common pathogenic process” is at work.  They cite a 2015 study in the journal Science and Translational Medicine that describes a 13-month-old baby who died from encephalitis after the MMR where vaccine virus was found in his brain and throughout his body. These results make a “strong case for deep sequencing of brain tissue where other methods have failed” to identify a pathogen, the study said.

In their conclusion, the researchers give heed to the “highly effective and safe vaccine” mantra required to keep publishing.  There is no hint of apology for physician-induced death. No consideration of how often this same pathology might play a role in SIDS or autism, although public health has been scratching their heads about those for a very long time. But they do say “this case highlights the importance of developing strategies such as newborn screening to exclude the very small proportion of infants at extremely high risk of complications from live-attenuated vaccines.”

That presumes there is a way to screen children at risk of live virus vaccines which include the MMR, the chickenpox and flu vaccines. There is no evidence that the little boy in the study was ill before he got his MMR.  Yet they have begun the quest for his deficiency or genetic weakness. And they may find some because we all have them. But they are ignoring the research they just cited, that there is a problem inherent in the vaccine manufacturing process and with the genetic drift of the viruses. It’s more evidence that the old medical paradigm, which sees something wrong with the person who cannot tolerate the drug rather than with the drug itself, is getting older by the minute.

The answer from public health is always the same: time for another vaccine. Another dose, another strain, another booster.  And an endless, circuitous virus chase. But in public health, the question if there might be a better way to fight disease in unthinkable. They would never seek to understand why most kids get through measles without a hitch and are left with lifelong protection against the disease and more protection too against diseases like cancer, or to find out what is lacking in the immune systems of the few children who don’t.  Can we really continue this aim of vaccinating everyone against everything? What if it came down to something as simple as making sure kids got vitamins instead of vaccines? Too dangerous? At least vitamins couldn’t mutate and infect their brains.



Even if screening high-risk newborns from vaccines were possible, (and it’s a great idea), there’s no chance of it happening in the current public health paradigm. Because for public health to start screening newborns for susceptibility to vaccine dangers, they would first have to admit what this science shows clearly, that vaccines have dangers. That they can and do cause serious brain damage and even death. And if they admit that, then they have to concede the possibility that vaccines may have a role in other neurodevelopmental disorders that are epidemic in children today.

How likely is that to happen at the Centers for Disease Control where people like Colleen Boyle and Frank DeStefano still oversee immunization safety? People who, everyone knows, including their colleague who blew the whistle on them, knowingly manipulated, buried and shredded evidence to hide a link between the MMR and autism. People who would deceive the American public, and people across the globe, to protect their vaccines rather than the children who get them. And who would watch as millions of children suffer as a result, and do nothing?

What this science shows more than anything else, is how desperately we need President-elect Trump to move forward in 2017 with his commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity.

Credit to Celeste McGovern — Ghost Ship Media

Evee: Died Less Than 2 Day After Her Six-Month Vaccines

On March 1, 2019, Sweet Evee Gayle passed away in her sleep. One and a half days after her routine 6-month vaccines.

Evee was a beautiful, healthy two six-month-old girl who was full of life and in “perfect health, as she was her whole life”. She was giggling, eating solids, and telling her mother “no” the night before her “wellness check-up”.

The next day, Evee had her six-month checkup and scheduled immunizations, which included six different vaccine doses.

Things changed…

After the shots, Evee wasn’t the same. She lost her cheekiness and was awfully tired. She had no energy and she was becoming unresponsive.

One and a half days later, Evee passed away in her Mother’s arms.

In her heartbroken mother’s words:

“I am just so upset and disgusted with myself for not doing more research before getting Evee vaccinated. I had no idea any of these injuries or deaths were happening by the thousands. I stupidly chose to trust the medical professionals. These facts aren’t “made up” or any sort of exaggeration. This is the INSERT for the Pediarix vaccination that my daughter received at her 6-month visit.”

The medical examiner said they would “run all tests possible.” When asked if they would run specific tests that would prove that vaccines were NOT the culprit in her daughter’s death she was told NO “there is no medical reasoning, and it’s not medically approved.”

“I was assured the day of my daughter’s death by that office that “every test” would be performed, that her receiving vaccinations a day and a half prior was of concern and they’d be running “those kinds of tests”, that they took infant deaths very seriously. I believed them. These simple tests I requested would reveal if vaccinations had played any part in my daughter’s death. Well, less than an hour after sending that email, I finally got that doctor to call me back! She refused to do the tests, each and every one.

This is an absolute outrage. They label, ridicule, and dismiss these mothers…and now outright censoring them. This mother deserves to be heard. Please. This is what is really going on. SIDs is caused by vaccines. It’s heartbreaking they’ve kept the truth hidden. This published report shows that SIDS a large amount of SIDS labeled deaths occurred within 2 days of vaccination.

For the full story, click here.

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Current 2019 Numbers Update

Currently, in 2019, the team here at Learn The Risk has continued to strive to provide informational and educational resources that will help our society “rethink pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.”

We’d like to take a minute to reflect and look back at the numbers over the past 5 months…

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Almost $4 billion Has Been Paid Out to Victims of Vaccines


? The U.S. Government has paid out more than $4 BILLION to victims injured and killed by vaccines.

? There have been more than 600,000 reports of side effects and adverse health events after vaccines, including paralysis, asthma, heart attacks, organ failure, respiratory failure, ovarian failure, brain damage, seizures, MS, arthritis and even sudden death.

? These are huge numbers, but still much lower than the reality according to a Harvard study published in 2010.

? However, less than 20% of medical professionals even know the reporting system exists. So real adverse reactions numbers are far, far higher.

? The Harvard study states that fewer than 1% of all vaccine reactions are reported, the $4 billion is just the tip of the iceberg, click-here-for-the-full-report

? Using their estimate, more than 6 MILLION Americans have been harmed by vaccines. Imagine how much money this makes for the pharmaceutical industry. ?

Despite assurances from CDC and our Federal agencies that all vaccines are safe, the payouts and the reports say otherwise.

Vaccine reactions can and do happen—to previously healthy children and adults.

And everybody deserves to know the facts about the full range of vaccine risks!

? To see some of the personal stories of those whose lives have been damaged or taken away by vaccines, click here:

? To see a thousand studies showing the side effects and new heath issues that vaccines can and do cause, click here:

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BIG NEWS: New Billboard in Phoenix, Arizona

Learn The Risk launched a new billboard last Friday in Phoenix, Arizona to highlight how much money has been paid out to victims who have been injured or killed by vaccines.

The billboard will reach hundreds of thousands of people and raise awareness of the damage vaccines have had on people’s lives.

Location: Heading east towards Pheonix International Airport on I-17 on the right-hand side of the freeway, near 14th street.

Did you know the U.S. Government has paid out over $4 BILLION to victims injured and killed by vaccines!?

“Total compensation paid over the life of the program is approximately $4.1 billion.” – Health Resources & Services Administration

However, using the government’s own conclusion that only 1% of all vaccine injuries are reported, the $4 billion is just the tip of the iceberg.

Despite assurances from CDC and our Federal agencies that all vaccines are safe, the payouts say otherwise. Vaccine injuries can and do happen—to previously healthy children and adults.

You deserve to know the facts about the full range of vaccine risks!

To see some of the personal stories of those whose lives have been damaged or taken away by vaccines, click here.



Yesterday was Mother’s Day…and also the 2nd anniversary of Nicholas Catone’s death from a DTAP shot he received two weeks prior.

In honor of his life, and in honor of his beautiful and inspiring mother Majorie, we launched our 10th billboard outside of Trenton, NJ on the largest freeway in the state. Most NJ lawmakers will pass this billboard on their way to the State Capitol.

ONE MILLION people will see this billboard while it’s up. This is how we change the conversation around vaccines and force people to see the very real dangers that are being covered up by doctors, pHARMa and the media.

Huge gratitude to those who supported the billboard campaign and give monthly support so we can continue to put up billboards, host events and booths, have a powerful web and social media presence and educate on vaccines — it’s the only thing that will change the conversation around vaccines.

Even more gratitude to Majorie and Nick for braving the negativity and being Nicholas’ voice here on Earth. He’s a true hero whose sacrifice will save thousands of other children.

Nicholas died in his sleep on May 12th, 2017, just days after his routine vaccinations. He was a perfectly healthy 20-month-old boy, but the autopsy report lists his manner of death as “natural”.

“It is NOT natural for a healthy, thriving toddler to die. And then they refuse to acknowledge vaccine reactions and claim ‘Sudden Unexplained Death’?” – Nick, Nicholas’ father and a former MMA fighter.

23,000 US babies die every year before their first birthday — far higher than other developed countries with fewer vaccines. Research shows that vaccines can be fatal for some children as the toxic levels of vaccine additives (like aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and polysorbate 80) accumulate and cause brain inflammation (aka encephalitis). This brain swelling can impair breath regulation in some babies causing sleep apnea and death.

Brandy Vaughan, founder of Learn The Risk, went live on Facebook to reveal the billboard

Brandy Vaughan at the New Living Expo 2019 in California

The New Living Expo features three full days of fascinating lectures and workshops from experts on medicine, love, cannabis, indigenous wisdom and other consciousness-raising topics.

Brandy Vaughan, founder of Learn The Risk and former pharmaceutical representative, held and organized a booth to help educate those who attended on the dangers of pharmaceutical products, including vaccines and unnecessary medical treatments — that are literally killing us.

Brandy, along with a couple of awesome volunteers, were able to assist and educate hundreds of intrigued attendees. They handed out many of our flyers, brochures, postcards and info cards to help educate people, raise awareness and spread knowledge beyond the expo.

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In the video below, which was live on Facebook at the time, a brave nurse speaks out about what she tells patients when she has to offer them the recommended flu vaccine before they’re discharged.