Detox Your Life: How to stay healthy in a toxic world

Why is it so normal to be so sick these days? What’s the REAL leading cause of death in the US? How do we stay healthy in the toxic world we live in? Natural health activist & Learn The Risk founder Brandy Vaughan tells it like it is in this eye-opening, health-changing video.

After her experience inside the profit-pushing pharmaceutical industry, Brandy realized we do ‘health’ completely wrong in the US…and it’s literally killing us. This video explains why, plus she shares manageable, every-day tips for creating a healthier life.

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What’s really behind the push for mandatory vaccinations? A tell-all video from ex-pharmaceutical insider Brandy Vaughan

Learn The Risk founder and ex-pharmaceutical rep Brandy Vaughan joins the Alex Jones show to discuss what’s really behind the push for mandatory vaccinations. The pharmaceutical industry makes BILLIONS off of mandatory childhood vaccinations, and now both boys and girls will be pressured to take the
highly controversial Gardasil shot.
This must-watch video should be shared widely, especially for anyone considering the HPV vaccine.

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RIP BABY BRODIE: Gone after 32 weeks

Baby Brodie died at 32 weeks right after his mother was pressured by her doctor to get the TDaP shot/vaccine.

Did you know that vaccines have not been proven safe for pregnant women? You and your child are the guinea pigs.

And this published study (link below) says they are NOT safe. It shows a 17% increase in stillbirth and miscarriage after the DTaP vaccine, which is exactly what Brodie’s mother got the day before he died in her womb.

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Brandy Vaughan, former pharma insider exposes the industry’s hidden agenda and discusses why she founded Learn The Risk

A MUST-WATCH video from former pharmaceutical insider Brandy Vaughan as she exposes the industry’s hidden agenda to keep us all sick…and why she founded the non-profit Learn The Risk.  

When Brandy Vaughan worked for pharmaceutical giant Merck, she realized we’re not given the information we need to make educated choices about pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. 

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There is an epidemic of sudden infant deaths (SIDs and SUIDs) in America. 23,000 babies a year die before their first birthday, a higher rate than most developed countries. It’s not that the U.S. has a lack of healthcare. The country spends more on healthcare per capita than any other country. So what’s going on in the U.S.?

The U.S. does give more vaccines (with known toxic additives) than most other developed countries and data shows that those countries with the most vaccines tend to have higher infant death rates. 

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A heartbreaking, but beautiful story of a family torn apart by vaccines…

A family torn apart by autism after vaccines — story told beautifully by Melissa, whose brother was severely affected by his childhood vaccines. It’s a story we hear often and a must-watch video.

Thank you so much Melissa for being brave and sharing your story. And most of all, for being a strong voice for your brother. So happy to have met you, you inspire us to fight even harder for those without a voice.

Want the science showing the link between vaccines & autism? It’s all here:

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Let’s get real about measles!

Let’s get real about measles!

With school starting, there’s no better time for the pharmaceutical industry to create a fake measles outbreak…
Not only is the media hype fake, even the CDC says so, but measles is actually GOOD for you! 
Did you know exposure to natural viruses is actually important for our immune system? Science discovers common viruses (including measles) REDUCE later health issues, including cancer!

Yes, you read that right: measles can PROTECT from disease later in life.

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