There is an epidemic of sudden infant deaths (SIDs and SUIDs) in America. 23,000 babies a year die before their first birthday, a higher rate than most developed countries. It's not that the U.S. [...]

Brandy Vaughan, former pharma insider exposes the industry’s hidden agenda and discusses why she founded Learn The Risk

A MUST-WATCH video from former pharmaceutical insider Brandy Vaughan as she exposes the industry's hidden agenda to keep us all sick...and why she founded the non-profit Learn The Risk.   When [...]

RIP BABY BRODIE: Gone after 32 weeks

Baby Brodie died at 32 weeks right after his mother was pressured by her doctor to get the TDaP shot/vaccine. Did you know that vaccines have not been proven safe for pregnant women? You and [...]

What’s really behind the push for mandatory vaccinations? A tell-all video from ex-pharmaceutical insider Brandy Vaughan

Learn The Risk founder and ex-pharmaceutical rep Brandy Vaughan joins the Alex Jones show to discuss what's really behind the push for mandatory vaccinations. The pharmaceutical industry makes [...]

Let’s get real about measles!

Let's get real about measles! With school starting, there's no better time for the pharmaceutical industry to create a fake measles outbreak... Not only is the media hype fake, even the CDC [...]

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