If there's nothing to hide, why were they so afraid of a simple question? So afraid that they had the billboard taken down...and CENSORED! As parents, we're encouraged to do our research on [...]


Pfizer blockbuster drug Lyrica linked to deteriorating brain cause of the skyrocketing Alzheimer’s epidemic?   “The researchers in the above study try to downplay the serious [...]

Dawson: Dies 13 Hours After His Two-Month Vaccines

"I rocked Dawson to sleep last night and put him down around midnight last night, to wake up around 5:15am to my perfect little boy, cold. Immediately, trying to wake him up and give him CPR, [...]

Nevaeha: Medically kidnapped at two days old

On June 10th 2018 at 4:35am Nevaeha was born Jemima Jones gave birth to Nevaeha on June 10th 2018 at 4:35am at Thunderbird Medical Center The hospital claims the Mother used Marijuana [...]

HPV VACCINE takes another girl’s health away

Recent post by Learn The Risk founder Brandy Vaughan: “These are the stories that keep me going…that fuel the innate & overwhelming passion to help parents like this. Parents [...]

What every parent needs to know about vaccines!

AN INTERVIEW WITH DR SUZANNE HUMPHRIES What every parent needs to know about vaccines... Check out this MUST-WATCH interview between Brandy Vaughan, ex-pharmaceutical insider and Founder [...]

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