If vaccines are not causing the epidemic of sudden infant deaths, why is it listed as a side effect on the DTaP vaccine product insert?! This is the full-information insert that doctors never give you, and most haven’t seen themselves.

Most doctors only repeat what they are told to repeat by pharmaceutical companies that need to sell vaccines: “vaccines are safe.” But they are NOT safe. We are being lied to and children are dying. Almost 10,000 babies a year.

The US has the highest rate of baby death (aka infant mortality) in the developed world — and the most vaccines for babies under a year old. Now we know the real reason infant deaths are so high in this country.

Protect your children, don’t inject them.

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Link to vaccine insert, SIDs listed in page 12

What is your favorite vaccine ingredient?

What is your favorite vaccine ingredient? Ours is GUINEA PIG…because it proves we are, literally, the pharmaceutical industry’s guinea pigs.

And yes, it is a real ingredient.

Do your research…vaccines don’t create real immunity and have REAL health risks! Do you really want to be a guinea pig for pHARMa?


The US gives 2-3x more childhood vaccines than most other developed countries — 28 vaccine doses by age 1 — and has some of the highest rates of childhood chronic issues. Not a coincidence.

The first vaccine, Hepatitis B, is given on the first day of life and contains the known neurotoxin aluminum. The US leads the developed world in first-day newborn death rate. Again, NOT a coincidence.

No time to waste. PLEASE DO SOMETHING. Our children are counting on us. Volunteer, host a local booth, start a billboard campaign, donate monthly, wear a t-shirt, post flyers around town, follow us, share our posts, sponsor an event, comment on our page…so many ways to get involved!

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The truth is right in front of us! But vaccine makers hope we don’t see it.

They give away “free” flu shots because they know the shot will cause health issues that, at some point, will create MORE pharmaceutical customers.

Do your research BEFORE you roll up your sleeve and risk your health!


Ex-pharma insider Brandy Vaughan speaks out. A 3 minute MUST WATCH and SHARE video!

Vaccine “safety” testing is substandard, yet there is no liability for pharmaceutical companies when their vaccines do harm. Did you know that vaccines are compared to other vaccines, in most trials, rather than real saline placebos?! This means that if they harm the same amount of people as the comparison vaccine they are considered “safe”. So they have never been proven to be safe.

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The MMR Vaccine Triggered Autism In Healthy Boy

“Joseph Thomas, was born on October 16, 1999, a healthy 9 pounds 2 ounces. His mother was told by everyone the minute he was born: “He’s a genius”. He was off the charts in everything. He never cried. He looked at the world right when he came out as though he understood it.

By the time he turned one, he was practically running. His mother took him in for his one-year well visit to get the MMR vaccine.

That night he was so cranky and had such a high fever that he was given Tylenol, like the doctor advised and he slept for 18 hours straight. The next day when he woke up he couldn’t move and couldn’t crawl. He just kept punching himself in the face and ears, screaming.

“I called my doctor and he said not to worry, this is a normal reaction.”

Days went by and Joseph wouldn’t stop punching. The doctor said it was an ear infection and gave him antibiotics for the first time. The following week, they went back to the doctor because the antibiotics were not working. His mother asked, “Why can’t he even just crawl?!” His answer: “Your son is so smart that he knows if he just lays there, you will pick him up.” What child goes from walking to not wanting to move?!

When he turned three years old Joseph was hardly talking at all. So he was taken to Columbia Presbyterian in New York City to meet a world-renowned pediatric neurologist who said, “Your son has autism”.

“And I said, ‘It was the vaccine,’ and they said, ‘No mom, your genetics caused this.’ My heart shattered right there.”

Joseph is now 18 years old, 6 ft 4 in, 240 lbs, built like a football player but with an IQ of a small child. He listens to headphones that play Gordon Lightfoot on repeat and watches garbage trucks on YouTube for fun. He should be in the prime of his youth — planning to play ball at a college, driving, dating, going out with friends. But he will never experience these things. He will never get married or have a family of his own, all because his life was destroyed by a vaccine.

Once this happened, his mother decided her next children wouldn’t receive a shot until they were older. And she only began vaccinating them because she believed vaccines were required for school [this is not true, there are vaccine exemptions available in ALL states, click here for details]. When her twin girls turned four, she began giving them one shot per month. And again, her children’s health began to deteriorate drastically.

“My off-the-charts unvaccinated and healthy children, whom had never been to a doctor not even a for runny nose, suddenly became sick all the time and on antibiotics often after receiving vaccines,” explains Joseph’s mother April.

Thankfully, Joseph’s uncle studied natural health and was able to help us detox Joseph and heal some of his issues. But most of the damage was already done, so Joseph he will never have a normal life.”


Joseph’s mother:

“In the last year…I’ve met chiropractors and their unvaccinated grown-up children, who have never had a cold.

They are the healthiest people on earth! Oh, how I wish I could turn back time and had done my research!

My children would be perfect. But now I’m on a mission to tell everyone in my path what I didn’t know then.

This video is of my boy at 3 1/2 years old playing with his little sister. As you can hear…[he speaks] hardly any words.”

Watch the video here. 

Learn The Risk At Redding Health Expo, California

Please join us at the Redding Health Expo on the 6th January in Redding, California. Learn The Risk will have a booth with lots of free materials and lots of important information. Invite family and friends!

New Learn The Risk billboard in California will reach 1 MILLION people

This is the latest Learn The Risk billboard up in Modesto, California and it’s one nobody will be able to miss! This board will be seen by more than a MILLION people in it’s 5 week run on one os the valley’s busiest highways.

So did you know that vaccines come with a MASSIVE risk of health damage? If not, please check out the website.

Do you know others that need to ‘learn the risk’? If so, please help us save lives by taking action today!

Knowledge is POWER…and HEALTH! And it does save lives…

Help us put up more billboards like this by volunteering or fundraising in your local area (we have lots of ideas to help you!) and donating to keep the campaign going! We have the momentum, we just need your support!

And, of course, a huge shout out to the Modesto team that made this possible! Thanks Rachel, Jessica & Elizabeth!


World-famous Cleveland Clinic doctor Mark Hyman has seen firsthand how autism can be treated through detoxification.

TODAY MOST PEOPLE BELIEVE that Autism is a genetic brain disorder. I’m here to tell you that this isn’t true. The real reason we are seeing increasing rates of autism is simply this: Autism is a systemic body disorder that affects the brain. A toxic environment triggers certain genes in people susceptible to this condition. And research supports this position.”  Written by Dr Mark Hyman, Medical Director of the world-famous Cleveland Clinic 

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