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Month: May 2017


NEW REPORT: PHARMA FUNDS 80% OF “PATIENT ADVOCACY” GROUPS — How corrupt is the healthcare system so many people put blind faith into? Pharma money goes very far, including partly funding at least 80% of so-called patient advocacy groups.
Yes, you read that right. The “patient” groups that are so active in the media and with state and federal lawmakers. They are silently and subtly pushing an agenda and helping Pharma and NOT the patients.
Don’t trust what you hear, read and watch without really researching what you are putting into your body and weighing the risks. Most often, real health has nothing to do with the so-called “health”care system so many people rely on.
#LearnTheRisk #naturalHEALTH #realHEALTHnotpharmaWEALTH
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More Than 80 Percent of Patient Groups Accept Drug Industry Funds, Study Shows

The nation’s largest patient advocacy groups are on the front lines of some of the biggest health care debates, from the soaring costs of prescription drugs to whether new medicines are being approved quickly enough.

But while their voices carry weight because they represent the interests of sick patients, a new study has found that more than 80 percent of them accept funding from drug and medical-device companies. For some groups, the donations from industry accounted for more than half of their annual income, and in nearly 40 percent of cases, industry executives sit on governing boards, according to the study, which is published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Nearly “nine out of every 10 are taking money,” said Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel, an oncologist and vice provost at the University of Pennsylvania. He is one of the authors of the study, which looked at the top 104 nonprofit patient advocacy groups that reported more than $7.5 million in annual revenues for 2014. “I think that is not well known — I think that is a shock.”

Dr. Emanuel, who previously advised President Obama on health care, said patient groups were far less transparent about conflicts of interest than medical researchers, who are now pushed to disclose ties to the drug and device industries when they write articles and make public appearances.

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“Compared to what researchers are doing, this is pathetic,” he said. And yet “they wrap themselves in white as if they’re pure.”

Patient groups said they have taken steps in recent years to improve their financial disclosures and conflict-of-interest policies, and rejected the suggestion that they were influenced by their corporate donors.

“Patient advocacy organizations are driven by their missions — putting patients first,” said Marc M. Boutin, the chief executive of the National Health Council, an umbrella group for patient-advocacy groups. “To say otherwise negates the extraordinary work achieved by these organizations on behalf of their patients.” The health council had previously said that pharmaceutical companies accounted for 62 percent of the council’s $3.5 million budget in 2015.

The study also found a wide disparity in how the groups disclose the donations, making it difficult for members of the public to know how significant the industry funding is. The study authors gathered their data by examining the websites of the nonprofit groups, as well as their tax filings and annual reports from 2014.

The researchers pointed to the National Hemophilia Foundation as one group that is vague about its funding because, although it lists corporate donors, it only discloses donation ranges. Drug makers contributed a range from $8.5 million to $14 million of the group’s $16.8 million annual budget in 2014, the year researchers studied. Its top donors, Baxter, Biogen and Novo Nordisk, make products used by people with hemophilia; each donated between $2 million and $3 million, the researchers said.

The American Diabetes Association, by contrast, reported receiving more than $28 million in industry funding in 2014, or about 15 percent of its budget, but provided detailed disclosures of which companies donated, and how much, the study authors said.

In a statement, the hemophilia foundation said it never allows its corporate sponsors to influence its decision-making, and that it also does not endorse specific products or favor certain companies. It declined to provide precise dollar amounts of contributions from companies, saying that the foundation complied with “accepted financial reporting standards.”

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BABY POWDER LINKED TO CANCER…AGAIN! Johnson & Johnson lost another lawsuit claiming it did not properly disclose the cancer risks of its baby powder products.

The jury awarded $110 MILLION to a woman who says their products gave her ovarian cancer.


Don’t be fooled by the marketing. To PREVENT cancer, minimize your exposure to possible cancer-causing products. This includes most body care products, which are largely unnecessary.

Also, notice the quote from the plaintiff’s lawyer that exposes Johnson & Johnson for spending MILLONS to manipulate scientific research and regulations. EXACTLY what happens within the pharmaceutical industry.

Do your research. Don’t trust blindly!


Baby powder lawsuit: Woman with ovarian cancer awarded $110M from Johnson & Johnson


A Missouri jury ordered health products giant Johnson & Johnson to pay more than $110 million to a Virginia woman for allegedly failing to disclose the cancer risk from its baby powder and another product.

Lois Slemp, 62, prevailed in the case after suing the company when she was diagnosed in 2012 with ovarian cancer. She alleged that J&J concealed the possibility that talc in its baby powder and Shower to Shower products can cause cancer.

The case deepens J&J’s legal crisis connected to talc. The company has already lost several similar cases, including verdicts of $72 million, $70 million and $55 million. And it faces multiple federal class-action suits in the matter, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

After three weeks of testimony in Slemp’s case, a 12-person jury deliberated for 10 hours before delivering the verdict against J&J.

“They chose to put profits over people, spending millions in efforts to manipulate scientific and regulatory scrutiny,” said Ted Meadows, a Beasley Allen lawyer representing Stemp and other similar plaintiffs, in a statement. “I hope this verdict prompts J&J to acknowledge the facts and help educate the medical community and the public about the proper use of their products.”


The Healist and Brandy Vaughan

Camilla Griggers, PhD interviews Brandy Vaughan, founder of Hear her story as a mom who chose to speak out against following the CDC vaccine schedule without due diligence to learn the risk. Vaccine safety is an issue that touches every parent and child. Especially with mandatory vaccine legislation emerging in several states. Learning the risks is every parent’s right and responsibility.


Our health for sale- Brandy Vaughan at the POP conference 2016

Brandy Vaughan – ex Merck rep and founder of Learn The Risk at the Prevention for Purpose conference. September 18th 2016

Learn The Risk is a parent-driven grassroots campaign to raise awareness of the real dangers of pharmaceutical products. The non-profit organization was founded by an ex-pharmaceutical employee and parent in response to the industry’s unprecedented assault on parental rights and health freedom by funding laws that take our right to say “NO” away.

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CANCER…1 in 3 people in the US will die of it.

CANCER…1 in 3 people in the US will die of it. Do YOU know how to prevent and heal CANCER? You won’t learn this important information at the traditional doctor’s office.

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“I would rather be dead.”

So says 13-year-old Zara Beattie from Cumbria, UK, after a dose of Merck’s highly controversial HPV shot confined the former athlete to a wheelchair.

This story is shockingly similar to THOUSANDS of other girls who have also experienced massive autoimmune issues after receiving the vaccine, which has been pulled off the routine schedule in Japan after a governmental report examining thousands of girls who experienced reactions similar to Zara’s. 

Many independent scientific studies and reports have linked aluminum, a known toxic ingredient in Gardasil, to a variety of autoimmune disorders and even death.

The vaccine has NEVER been proven to stop cervical cancer, a disease that can be almost always prevented through health screenings. Some experts say the risk of having a severe reaction to the vaccine is around 1 in 500-much higher than the risk of cervical cancer.

Is the vaccine really worth risk?!!

A nurse claims her sporty 13-year-old daughter has been left wheelchair-bound after suffering an alleged reaction to the HPV vaccine.

Heartbroken Anthea Beattie, 49, says Zara is an “80-year-old in a teenager’s body” and is convinced her ill health is due to the jab, which purportedly protects against cervical cancer.

The sporty schoolgirl, once a promising footballer and netball player, began struggling for breath in a PE lesson in January last year shortly after she had been given the vaccine.

At first the family dismissed Zara’s symptoms as asthma, but her health continued to deteriorate in the weeks that followed.

She suffered palpitations, felt dizzy, weak and tired, and was later diagnosed with PoTS – postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome – which makes her heart race.

According to Mrs Beattie, “It has been horrendous. She said to me, ‘Mum, I would rather be dead than like this.’ She is 13 and she said, ‘I feel like somebody put me in an 80-year-old’s body.”

Eighteen months on, Zara, of Wigton, Cumbria, feels faint every time she stands, is unable to leave the house without a wheelchair and is home-schooled.

Sitting at the table to eat a meal leaves her exhausted, and she spends 24 hours a day seven days a week at home, unless she has a hospital appointment.

Doctors have refused to confirm their fears, but mother-of-three Anthea and her husband Ian, 54, an engineer, believe Zara’s condition was triggered by the vaccine.

Anthea, who has been forced to reduce her hours to care for Zara, said: “I have been a nurse for 30 years and I have never heard or seen anything like this before.

“There are so many young girls now who are in the same position. I don’t believe it is a coincidence.

“Zara played football and she was very fit. She was full of life. She was a very active girl with a nice circle of friends.

“Now all that has changed. She has horrendous heart palpitations and horrific pain – chest pain, severe headaches and sometimes whole body pain.

“On a bad day the poor girl can’t even stand up. She will stay in bed all day and crawl to the toilet. She’s got a stool by the sink for when she cleans her teeth.

“In a typical week she won’t leave the house unless it’s for a hospital appointment. She had to stop going to school because she was absolutely wiped out.

“Everything is so much effort for her – she has no energy whatsoever. If we do do something, it knocks her out for three days afterwards. She is like a little old lady.”

Zara suffers from headaches, and from muscle and joint pain and said it feels like someone is “hitting me on the back with a hammer.”

She worries about the future: “My friends are choosing their GCSEs and they’re concerned about what they’re going to do. I don’t know how I’m going to be in five minutes let alone five years.

“It has changed everything. I don’t want anyone else to have to deal with what I’m going through.”

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DRUG/VACCINE INDUSTRY REPORT FINDS: “The benefits of drugs and other products are often exaggerated and their potential harms are downplayed” by industry sponsored “science.”
If you read the REAL science, it shows clear evidence that vaccines can and do have dangerous side effects that can devastate your health.

The US gives more vaccines than any other country and has the highest chronic issues…COINCIDENCE?!! With pharma, there are no coincidences…

#LearnTheRisk #naturalHEALTH

Undue industry influences that distort healthcare research, strategy, expenditure and practice: a review.


Expenditure on industry products (mostly drugs and devices) has spiraled over the last 15 years and accounts for substantial part of healthcare expenditure. The enormous financial interests involved in the development and marketing of drugs and devices may have given excessive power to these industries to influence medical research, policy, and practice.


Review of the literature and analysis of the multiple pathways through which the industry has directly or indirectly infiltrated the broader healthcare systems. We present the analysis of the industry influences at the following levels: (i) evidence base production, (ii) evidence synthesis, (iii) understanding of safety and harms issues, (iv) cost-effectiveness evaluation, (v) clinical practice guidelines formation, (vi) healthcare professional education, (vii) healthcare practice, (viii) healthcare consumer’s decisions.


We located abundance of consistent evidence demonstrating that the industry has created means to intervene in all steps of the processes that determine healthcare research, strategy, expenditure, practice and education. As a result of these interferences, the benefits of drugs and other products are often exaggerated and their potential harms are downplayed, and clinical guidelines, medical practice, and healthcare expenditure decisions are biased.


To serve its interests, the industry masterfully influences evidence base production, evidence synthesis, understanding of harms issues, cost-effectiveness evaluations, clinical practice guidelines and healthcare professional education and also exerts direct influences on professional decisions and health consumers. There is an urgent need for regulation and other action towards redefining the mission of medicine towards a more objective and patient-, population- and society-benefit direction that is free from conflict of interests.


Did you know anti-depressants increase SUICIDAL thoughts? If you know someone with depression, the last resort should be medication. Try EVERYTHING else first!

Please read this heartfelt plea by a paramedic who sees too many teenagers who were recently put on these popular medications and then almost immediately turn to suicide:

“If you have a child or adolescent who is depressed, PLEASE read this. The SSRI class of antidepressants (drugs like Celexa (citalopram), Lexapro (escitalopram), Zoloft (sertraline), Paxil (paroxetine) and Prozac (fluoxetine) among others) all have a black box WARNING for increased suicide in children and adolescents. A black box warning is the HIGHEST level of warning the FDA can require a manufacturer to put on their product.

I am telling you, this risk is REAL. I see it all the time. It’s my job. I’m the one they send to pick up these kids from outlying hospitals and keep them alive on the transport back to the PICU (intensive care unit) at a pediatric specialty center. ALL the stories are all very similar– depressed, recently started on medications, no previous suicide attempts, etc.

Please… I’m begging you, there are many things that can be done before medicating a child for depression (really anyone, for that matter, increased suicidality can happen in adults as well). There are underlying medical conditions that can be screened for that can mimic depressive symptoms, such as thyroid issues, other endocrine/hormonal issues, vitamin d deficiency, and the list goes on. Changes in diet, supplementing nutrients they are deficient in, helping establish good sleep patterns, encouraging physical activity, counseling, etc. are all things that can and should be tried before medicating a child for depression.

Diet is especially important, as it impacts the gut microbiome (the bacteria in your digestive tract). A poor diet filled with processed foods can adversely affect the balance of bacteri in the gut, and these same bacteria have a significant direct effect on neurological function, mood and anxiety.

So PLEASE, please, please read as much as you can if you have or know someone who has a depressed child. The increased risk of suicide in children and adolescents who take SSRIs isn’t just a mention in a drug company commercial, the risk is VERY real and VERY significant. Please don’t just accept a treatment plan that starts with medication on blind faith. Be involved and learn and actively advocate for your child. You may just save their life.”

**A must read on this subject, including great info on healing depression naturally, is A Mind of Your Own by Dr Kelly Brogan**

#learntherisk #naturalhealth

Emmy winning medical show producer Del Bigtree schools BIll Nye, the science guy who sold his soul to Big Pharma, on what’s REALLY in a vaccine.

WATCH NOW & SHARE! Emmy winning medical show producer Del Bigtree schools BIll Nye, the science guy who sold his soul to Big Pharma, on what’s REALLY in a vaccine.

Look at the vaccine labels! Del is NOT making this up. The truth hurts, but everyone should know that we are being lied to for $$$.

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