VAXXED: The Movie Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You To See

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“You may not even know it, but TODAY was a TRAGIC day in the “Land of the Free.”
The breakthrough documentary, VAXXED, which covers the blatant corruption at the CDC and Pharma with regards to falsified safety data during the MMR vaccine safety trials, was pulled from the TriBeCa film festival as organizers bowed under pressure from Pharma.

This is a TRAVESTY for our first amendment right. If we are not free to question companies that profit off keeping us SICK — or the government agencies that make tens of millions from those same companies — then are we truly FREE?!!

When the founding fathers created our constitution, they did so with inalienable rights given to citizens. The very first of those is Freedom of Speech. We live in a capitalist country and these rights are there to protect citizens from a corporate-ruled country.

So when things happen like they did today, our founding fathers are SCREAMING from their graves. When corporate interests are deemed more important than our First Amendment right, we have a HUGE problem on our hands. It’s called censorship in its gravest of forms.

And let’s think for a minute — if there was nothing to hide, why are Pharma and the CDC so intent on hiding it? If there was absolutely NO wrongdoing, then why so much high-level pressure to silence the film? Something is amiss here and it has gotten seriously ugly.

Our freedom AND our health have both been sold to the highest bidder as most Americans sit back, watch the tv and roll up their sleeves for another dose of ‘sick’care.

I hope this travesty of justice wakes MILLIONS of people up to what’s really going on here behind the scenes. Because if it doesn’t, and if we don’t TAKE ACTION as citizens of A-MERCK-ICA, we won’t know what’s hit us because we will be too sick to care.

I was in Europe this past winter and having dinner with a Swiss friend. After hearing about the intense mandatory vaccine schedule children here are subjected to, he got animated and asked why we were not marching in the streets?!! Why were we not organizing a coup to get bought politicians OUT OF OFFICE?!! He asked: WHY ARE AMERICANS ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL?!!

I didn’t have great answers for him. But after today, after we have now seen the absolute worst of a corporate-run country on blatant display, I truly hope that we as “FREE” citizens will stand up and fight for our RIGHTS in any and EVERY way we can. March the streets, rally and protest, blanket info flyers EVERYWHERE, host sit-ins, hang freeway banners, DONATE to fund billboards, SPEAK OUT against this travesty and the corruption going on behind the scenes with Pharma, our government and the vaccine system.

Use this event as fuel for your fire. Feet on the ground raising awareness — take to the streets. Free flyers

It’s NOW or NEVER folks. It’s time for a FREEDOM revolution. We MUST fight for our RIGHTS! Last time I checked this was a country FOR the PEOPLE, NOT the corporations. Let’s make sure they know where we stand. Not tomorrow, but TODAY!!”