Flu shot kills college student

Compiled by Vaxtruth.org Christopher had always been healthy; if he got a bug it was usually gone within a day or two. He was very active in sports. His doctor visits were mainly well check ups [...]

Vaccines kill another child

Dylans’s family recall the fateful day their son was taken away by vaccines. “Dylan Vrooman got his vaccination shots on Thursday and had been kinda sick when Magen went to get him [...]

Healthcare Worker Dies After Flu Vaccine

Another flu death of an otherwise healthy person after receiving the flu vaccine has been reported in Wisconsin. WISN in Wisconsin is reporting that 26-year-old Katherine McQuestion has died from [...]

12 year old Girl Dies Hours After HPV Vaccine

Story compiled by VacTruth.com The family of a 12-year-old girl from Wisconsin who died hours after receiving an HPV vaccine is grieving the loss of their daughter. Meredith Prohaska, described [...]

Boy Gets Diagnosed with Autism After 32 Shots

Like millions of parents before her, Natalie Steffen was faced with her children receiving pediatric vaccines starting after birth and during subsequent well child visits. This story is one [...]

California Infant Dies after 8 Vaccines

Our sweet little fussy bear Matthew Gage Downing-Powers was born healthy on April 26, 2013. In the hospital, he was given the Hepatitis B vaccine after birth. That’s what they do here in the [...]

Little Girl Became Autistic After Illegally Given an Untested 8-in-1 Vaccine

Story Compiled by Vactruth.comA Family’s Nightmare Begins With The MMR Vaccine Jodie Marchant was born a beautiful and healthy girl on March 2, 1992. She was developing well and on target. After [...]

Infant Dies Following 5 Vaccine Doses

Story compiled by VacTruth.com In Memory of Sebastian Ryan Morley May 11, 2002 – January 22, 2003 He passed away at eight months old, from liver failure, after being vaccinated.   [...]

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